Easter Feaster

After conducting full concept creation and branding for “PBF: Pastrami Burgers & Fries,” a pastrami-specialized food truck, we took charge of their marketing initiatives.

This particular campaign came after an awareness campaign in the second quarter of PBF’s first fiscal year. With momentum already built, this campaign focused on generating revenue for PBF by way of an Easter offer.

The campaign’s success resulted in compounding growth which lead PBF to open a second location in Mar Mkhael Lebanon, and third one Sheikh Fatima Park in Abu Dhabi.

Activation Campaign

Client: PBF
Duration: 30 Days
Location: UAE

Marketing Initiative
Marketing Plan
Creative Visuals
Social Media Management
Brand Optimization

Easter Feaster PBF typecta

The Challenge

Being in its first year, how can we launch a campaign to revive the opening momentum and spike sales?

The Solution

With Easter around the corner, we devised a campaign centered around an irresistible offer, and pushed it with ads.

The Primer

We began with awareness ads to build brand and scale our fanbase. Since PBF was still in its first year, spreading the word about this unique concept was our primary goal.

The Launch

With some traction established, it was time to launch our campaign which multiple ads with varying copy, audience targeting and creative execution.

We also applied the campaign’s Easter look & feel across all PBF’s channels for further impact.

Measure & Iterate

We took a close look at the data derived from these campaigns and iterated our approach moving forward.
The campaign was so successful that PBF had to recruit additional staff to meet the demand.

Easter Feaster Results typecta

The Easter Feaster campaign generated in approximately 490% return on invested advert budget.

A Massive Win

From product, to price, to promotion, to even timing; PBF’s Easter Feaster Combo was one of our most successful and profitable advertising campaigns we have conducted.

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